Our Value Proposition

  • Wealth of experience in the hotel and Safari field, Fabrication and installation field and facilitating and assessing field.
  • Identify problems.
  • Supplement your staffing needs.
  • Act as a catalyst for your business
  • Provide objectivity.
  • Teach train and motivate.
  • “Do the dirty work”, restructuring and retrenchments, Shutdowns, and maintenance projects                                                                 in fabrication and installations, Research and learning material structuring.
  • Bring new life into your organization.
  • Create new business, Assist with new openings, curricula, projects, and installations.
  • Influence management and people resources.

Our Mission

To become and actualise into the best, in our due diligence and superior service delivery tailored at the exact needs of our valued clients.

Our Motto

"Our commitment is to excellency."